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My absolute all time favourite honey!


I love both their honey, I especially love the raw honey, and coconut oil!


Best honey north of the Mason-Dixon Line

Dan Smith

Our family has been enjoying the most superb Honey from STRANKS BEE FARM for several years now. We are very committed to using their’s and only their’s...


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What makes Stranks Bee Farm Honey different?

Our wildflower honey is made from the sweet nectar of thousands of different types of flowers in the areas surrounding Owen Sound.  This creates a unique flavour that varies from year to year based on the summer season.  This blend of flavours gives a balanced taste that does not overpower and is ideal for the most varied of uses.  When nectar is restricted to one type of flower, the resulting flavour is rich and strong, but is useful only for specific usages.  A subtle, more rounded flavour gives greater flexibility in usage and is easier on the palatte.

At Stranks Bee Farm we believe that natural is best which is why we gently filter our honey. This leaves all of the natural healthy components intact and creates a healthy alternative to refined and processed sugars.

Our honeys are graded in accordance to the Ontario laws and regulations regarding classification and grading for Ontario No.1 honeys.  With strict adherance to guidelines you can be assured of the safety of your honey as you enjoy it.
There are never any additives or methods used to darken the colour of our honey.  Our golden honey is in its natural state, though its colour may vary from year to year based on the flowers our bees gather their nectar from.

Why Shiloh Virgin Coconut Oil?

Our coconut oil is smooth and creamy to the taste, with a mild flavour of coconut. It is offered to our customers, fresh within months of extraction, and Imported from a plantation in the Philippines that values environmental stewardship, economic sustainability, and pure quality. 

With every jar, you can be sure that it is,

- Organic

- Cold Pressed

- Fair Trade

- Locally Packaged

Where To Find Us

One of the best ways to build community, is to partner with other businesses in the area. Thats why you can find "Stranks Bee Farm" on the shelves of several other small local stores, and cafe's

Frog Ponds Cafe'

All Things T

McGinty's Cafe

Summer House Park

E & R's Bulk Bin

New Life Mills


Stranks Bee Farm

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