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DIY-Double Box Beehive Kit

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This affordable  DIY beehive kit Is perfect for the hobby, and sideline beekeeper alike. Here’s why,

— Save big when you do the assembly yourself!

— know your equipment and how it fits together

— less volume means you save on shipping

— enjoy the satisfaction of building your own

Whats included?

— 2 unassembled deep brood chambers

— 20 frames  (permadent foundation),

— 1 unassembled solid pine bottom board,

— 1 unassembled plywood inner cover,

— 1 unassembled aluminum clad lid.

— Instructions

Just glue, nail, and paint!

we only sell what we would use ourselves. That’s how you know it’s high quality beekeeping equipment, 

Manufactured @ Stranks Bee Farm — 519-794-2578