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All of our "Natural Hive Products" are processed as little as possible so that you can experince the full taste sensation of the liquid sunshine that our bees pack into their honey comb.

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Produced And Harvested From The Slopes And Bottomlands Of The Bighead River Valley

Comb Honey

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The purest, freshest honey is tasted straight from the bee hive as chunks of comb on a hot summer day. The taste of each and every flower is vibrant and rich. Unfortunately, most people will never experience that kind of pure natural honey, but comb honey is the closest equal.

Comb honey is unheated, unprocessed chunks of honey comb, cut and placed into containers. Each cell of honey is left just as the bees capped it.

The wax and flecks of pollen are completely edible, and comb honey can either be eaten as a natural sweet treat, or used as a more natural substitute to liquid honey. 

Comb honey, like any raw honey, crystallizes over time, however when it is kept frozen it maintains its liquid state. We freeze our comb honey after harvesting to maintain freshness and liquidity. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cassandra Jackson
Happy with my order

Family really wanted some honey so we put an order in and got some combs and wildflower honey. It was very good and the delivery option made things easier

Amy Langeman
Such a yummy treat!

As a kid I remember getting honey comb from our local farmers market as a treat. I love that now we buy all our household honey from Stranks and occasionally buy some honey comb as a treat for our family. Hard to beat honey comb on peanut butter toast! So happy to be supporting this local family and their business.

Beekeeping Is Our Life

The health of the bees is at the central core of everything we do. That’s why we are constantly experimenting and researching better ways to keep bees in an environment that is best for them.

Tastes and Smells of a Beehive

Imagine it is a hot August day, and the meadows and roadsides are bursting with flowers. Our bees are buzzing in and out of their hive with loads of nectar that needs to be turned into sweet honey. We crack open the lid and the smells of pure fresh honey, beeswax, and propolis waft into the air. the bees are packing their honey busily into the honeycomb. We reach in, cut out a peice of honey comb, and place it in our mouths. The fresh, floral tasting honey has no parrallel on earth. THAT is the experience we strive to capture in each jar of our honey!