Beekeeping is so much more than dropping bees in a random box and expecting to get honey.

Single Box Beehive

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A single box beehive is a hive that has been overwintered as a hive and is growing to be ready for honey production. You can either add a second box to make a double, or place a queen excluder right on top and start collecting honey.

Singles are available depending on our survival rate, and will be placed as "in stock" around the 1st of April. 

Singles do not have brood taken out, so they will need to either have a Nuc taken out, or managed properly for swarming. 

Locally Adapted

Selectivly Bred

Sustainably Raised

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The 4 Pillers of Beekeeping

Beekeeping comes down to 4 main pillers that need to be established.

-Local Genetics

-Naturally Adapted Equipment

-Location of Apiary


  • Locally Adapted

    We have been breeding our bees to work well in our area for the last 10+ years

  • Selectivly Bred

    We only rear Queens from our best colonies in order to continuosly improve our stock.

  • Sustainably Raised

    We dont take 4 frames and add a random queen to them. All of our nucs get to grow with their queen