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Stranks Bee Farm

Double Box Beehive Kit

We design our beekeeping equipment with proven technology that reduces bee stress, and disease, and increases worker activity.

We put a lot of time, thought and experimenting into our beekeeping equipment. We are not a “beekeeping supply store” but simply beekeepers trying to offer other beekeepers a better option for hives. As such we do not keep stock. Our process is as follows — You order a beehive kit, we manufacture it for you, we ship it to you and send you assembly instructions, you assemble, you put your bees in it.

If you are new to beekeeping and/or woodworking, do not be timid of assembling your own equipment! We will give you detailed instructions, and if you “get stuck” I am personally available to talk, or video you through it.

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Keeping bees in a double box is the traditional way to keep a beehive. Our double beehive kits come unassembled, ready for you to build yourself and home your bees in.


The double box beehive kit includes

- Solid pine bottom board (un-assembled)

- Inner cover (unassembled

- Telescoping lid (unassembled)

- 2 deep boxes (9 5/8”) with 10 frames + foundation (unassembled)


Each of our kits are designed with 3 key elements.

1. We make sure that our hives have a rough sawn interior. This helps the bees to propolize it quicker to provide additional disease prevention within the hive. 

2. we only use frames that are not self-spacing. This may sound old fashion, but we have observed that it actually helps prevent killing bees upon hive inspections.

3. Our inner covers are designed to sit very close to the tops of the frames and therefore prevent excessive build up of burr comb. 

For more information see here


Manufactured @ Stranks Bee Farm — 519-794-2578


Do you need bees and the beehive to put them in? We offer a combo kit for a great value! (For pick up only) Assembled Double Beehive Kit with Bees

Munufactured Locally

Manufactured in rural Ontario by Patrick Stranks: a beekeeper, a husband, and a father.

Shipping Available

We can ship our kits anywhere in Canada

Money Back Guarantee

Not happy? Then neither are we. We stand behind our products 100%, and will refund unhappy beekeepers

Environmental Stewardship

Whenever we can (in our products and our packaging) we avoid plastics, and instead use wood, paper, glass, and metal

Sustainable Beekeeping

Bees are dying and we need to re-think the way we keep them.

Customer Reviews

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David Carpenter
Need diagrams for the hive

Would be nice to have some diagrams or instructions of some kind with the kit

Wendy Taylor
Excellent product

We are really impressed with the double box beehive from the purchase to delivery it was as promised. The instructions were quite easy to follow and the hive came together without issue. The hive is sturdy and durable and will last many years I’m certain. Thanks Patrick!


We stand for sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship. We believe in working with nature instead of against it. When you buy a hive from us, you know that it  is designed to give your bees a more friendly, and healthy home, that they can live in for years to come!


Summer has come, and the sweet smell of nectar fills the air on a warm summer night. You're standing in your apiary watching as the sun sets and the hard working bees are fanning out the hive, preparing the honey to be sealed for winter. Bliss! The sticky honey you harvest from your own beehives will be the most delicious honey experience you have ever tasted, but even more than that, you know that you have given your flying friends a home that they love, and helps keep them healthy and active.

Top Questions our Customers are Asking....


Do you sell bees as well as equipment?

Most of bees are used for honey production. However, we do sell some bees in the form of "nucs" but only for pick-up. For a list of places across Canada that sell bees

Is your equipment compatable with my other equipment?

Absolutley! Our equipment is standard langtstroth 10 frame, which is the most common size used in North America

Will it difficult to assemble my equipment when it comes?

After you purchase we will send you via email, detailed instruction on how to easily assemble your bee hive, along with a list of all other supplies you need. eg. nails, glue ect.

How long does manufacturing and shipping take?

It depends on the volume of sales we have when you purchase, but typically if you order before March 1st, we will have your equipment to you before April 30th. That makes sure you have time to assemble and paint before you receive your nucs or split your hives.

What if i order after March 1st?

We are beekeepers and understand the time sensative nature of bees. if you order after March 1st you will be put into the que, and we will do our best to have your order to you before you need it. If we know that is not possible we typically mark the kits as "Sold Out"

What if I dont know anything about bees?

This is where every expert beekeeper started! To best learn about bees find a local mentor, a local association, or check out these great resources